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John Barringer, CFP®

John Barringer, CFP®


The accumulation of wealth is not an easy task. When the bulk of an executive's wealth is tied to the fortunes of the company that employs him or her, the stakes are high. But it is made somewhat easier if the executive who receives equity compensation manages his or her portfolio of company stock within the framework of a disciplined financial plan. The management of equity compensation wealth requires diligence and attention to detail. It all starts with a written plan defining customized solutions against a backdrop of your lifetime financial needs.

Our objective is to assist each client by giving them advice on how to accumulate wealth over time with a comfortable level of risk. Risk mitigation may require systematic disposition of large portions of your concentrated company stock position. We work with you and the other professionals in your financial life to accomplish your tax, estate planning, education and gifting goals as your equity compensation is tactically diversified.

We believe that diversification is the key ingredient to long-term wealth accumulation success. The custom tools at Executive Wealth Planning help us help you manage the tactical aspects of your plan.

The diversification process is based on decades of research into the relationship between risk and return. Collectively, these findings are known as Modern Portfolio Theory. Diversification is achieved through asset allocation, the process of defining what share each major asset class (cash, stocks and bonds) should have in your personal portfolio. Because returns on different asset classes often offset each other, combining them tends to produce lower overall portfolio volatility. Lower volatility tends to promote compound growth over time, leading to higher risk-adjusted returns.