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Our investment recommendations are made after you answer a series of questions about Risk. We want to learn about both your Risk Capacity and your Risk Willingness. Those two things sound like they might be the same thing but, after 30 years of giving advice, we know they are not.

Our questionnaire is designed to identify your Investment Ability which is a function of your objectives, the amount you want to invest and your time horizon. We also want to try to pin down your Risk Attitude or how you might respond to inevitable portfolio volatility and loss of value. Finally, we need to determine your Investment Preferences which usually are a function of your age, your income, and tax situation.

Risk Capacity is partly about your attitude and partly about your time horizon. Younger investors have more time (and often less money) to make a portfolio work for them. Older investors may have more money but are probably more worried about losing a portion of it than they are about making it grow.

Risk Willingness is mostly about the choices that will inevitably come up over the life of a portfolio. Both losses and gains can prompt decisions about what to do next. We will ask some hypothetical questions about market behavior that has occurred in the past to see how you might respond when faced with what may be a decisive choice.

Focusing on Risk, instead of Return is at the core of Disciplined Wealth Building and it’s what makes advice from Executive Wealth Planning different than that from other advisors. Some sources of wealth, like equity compensation, require a tactical approach to risk. Others, like retirement accumulation, is better suited to strategic risk management. We want a plan for you that does both. If you’re ready, get started today!

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.  There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.