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Managing Partner, John Barringer, has long been an advocate of employee-participant education to help align employer and employee goals through the use of company stock as compensation. Since 1987, John has provided stock plan financial planning services to public companies. He is a founding member of the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP) an organization dedicated to the promotion of professionalism of the administration of employee stock plans at America's public companies. Executive Wealth Planning Partners creates a boutique that brings together the talents of experienced financial professionals on the First Financial Equity Corporation platform to address four key challenges faced by small and mid-sized public companies, their executives and their employees. 

Equity Compensation Plan Administration. Equity Comp plans are expensive to operate and difficult to communicate to employee participants. We can assist your company with customized, right-priced solutions. We will also educate plan participants so that their assessment of the value of their equity grants approximates the company's expense.

Balance Sheet Cash Management. With a record amount of cash on balance sheets, many companies discover it's difficult to find solutions that offer safety, liquidity and yield and are also easy to administer. Using bank deposit programs, we can increase the efficiency of a cash portfolio without sacrificing safety.  

Qualified Retirement Plan Design & Education, Compliance and Administration. New and increased regulation make qualified plans more vulnerable to audit and expensive to administer. With our help, employers can mitigate their fiduciary risk and spend less time managing their 401(k) plan. Retirement plan participants who learn to to manage their account balances with a disciplined approach can be expected to have better long-term results and thus, be better prepared for retirement when the time comes. 

Executive Wealth Management. Equity compensation plans are designed to motivate and retain key talent. This is only possible if plan participants understand how to properly value their stock options, restricted stock and other grants. Our specialized. comprehensive financial planning approach will teach plan participants the true value of their grant package.

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